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Indoor Workouts

The Ironmen will be having indoor workouts at the Golden Hawk Recreation Center starting Tuesday March 24 at 8 PM and Sunday March 29 at 1:30. All players, returning and new , are invited to attend.


            The wind chill is minus 33, another snow storm is forecast and all is quiet at Ironmen Field as she survives another winter. However, soon the lady on the hill will awaken to  the boys returning  and with the sounds of the crack of the bat,  “Hit it to Red Bank”  and “Piping Hot Pizza” everyone will know the Ironmen are playing baseball again and all is well.

        The Ironmen are hosting Nationals this year from August 24-29 and Chairman Daryl Mathews has his group up and running. Coach Greg Morris is contemplating a roster and the fans are starting to get the baseball itch.. The field will see a number of renovations for the event, which  will feature 10  teams. Should be a real fun time for baseball fans.

  Speaking of Nationals, with the participation of PEI in this year’s tournament, and the amalgamation of the Hub City Brewers and Moncton Mets into the Fishercats, the pick up pool for Fredericton and the Ironmen has been cut in half, going from 4 teams to only 2 (Alpines and Fishercats). Going to make for some interesting choices. Also expect the Royals to look into the idea of picking up a Canadian import pitcher. I assume they will at least check it out.

           Finally, Anthony Marzi (Who?? some of you may ask as his stay was very brief  last summer)  the left handed pitcher who pitched for the Ironmen a couple of games and returned home to Connecticut, just signed a minor league contract with the New York Yankees.

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